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Visit Canvas at Login with the username and password given to you by the school — the same username and password as Google apps and Powerschool.

Canvas is the place you’ll find all coursework, assignments, teacher announcements and more.

I can't login to Canvas. What is the url (address)?

Why is my grade in Canvas different from my grade in PowerSchool?

The grade in Canvas only reflects those tests/quizzes/assessments that are graded through Canvas.

The MOST COMPLETE and accurate grade will be the grade found in PowerSchool.

How to upload a .keynote document to Canvas

Can I add an additional email address to receive notifications in Canvas?

Yes, you can add additional emails and phone numbers to receive email and/or text messages when new information is added to a course. Login to Canvas, go to 'Settings', and you'll see the 'Ways to Contact' on the right.

Where do I control how often I receive email notifications from Canvas?

This is found in the 'Settings' area of Canvas. Login and you'll see 'Settings' on the upper right.
In that area, 'Notifications' is where you can control the frequency Canvas will send you emails notices when changes are made in the areas listed.