General FAQs

This page is under construction for the 2017-2018 school year.
Please check back later.

How to setup a personal email account

Because emails sent to students from sources outside of the BCHS community are blocked by our filters, seniors should create their own personal email for use with college applications, scholarships, etc.

Click Here for a video on how to setup a gmail account.

What if I don't have internet access at home?

If a teacher assigns homework that requires the internet, the student should mention this to their teacher so they can make accommodations to get the work completed.

This is also true if the use of the iPad is required and wireless internet is not available at home.

Will digital textbooks be available instead of printed books?

Teachers and departments are currently researching and reviewing all options with existing as well as digital publishers to provide the best educational experience for learning.

I sometimes have trouble logging in to wi-fi networks. Do you have any suggestions?

 We’re finding that if you logout of the BCHS wi-fi network before you leave the building, this seems to minimize problems that may occur  when trying to connect to other networks, or to connect to the BCHS wi-fi network when you re-enter the building. If still having problems, see Technology Support.