Oct 01

How to Backup Your iPad to the iCloud

CLICK HERE to view a presentation by Mrs. Homan.

Please backup your iPad at home, not during school.

It is very important that you backup your documents before the scheduled updates are made to your iPad or documents and work will be lost! Keynote and pages are separate backups, and explained in the presentation above.

[important]To perform the backup to iCloud, each student will need to create an Apple ID.

To create the Apple ID, each student needs a personal email.

BCHS emails should not be used. Family Apple IDs should not be used.

Click here  for directions on creating a gmail account.[/important]


The following documents won’t backup/will be lost unless you email them to yourself or place them in Dropbox:

  1. All pages or keynote documents (Directions to backup these are in Mrs. Homan’s presentation above)
  2. All files in the Adobe Acrobat app
  3. Flashcards made via Flashcardlet
  4. Documents in Skitch and Educreations, unless you have logged in to an account in these apps
  5. Occasionally, we’ve found some .pages documents are lost even though backed up to iCloud. If you have a very important document or project, email it to yourself¬† just to be sure.
  6. Backup your CCO (Complete Classroom Organizer) app also (Directions)

EMAIL these listed above to yourself or PLACE THEM IN DROPBOX.