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If you or your student are experiencing difficulties in an area, we’d like to know how we can help. Feel free to ask any question or send a suggestion to Lorie Homan, Director of Technology and Integration, at


BCHS Email Tip:

Emails you send to your student through their BCHS email account will not be received.  Student email accounts can not receive emails from outside the Bishop Chatard email system.  This is for their protection and security.

Encourage your student to set up a personal gmail account for other communications. This is especially important for senior students, who shouldn’t use their BCHS email for college communications.

Watch this video to find out how to create a gmail account.

If my child's iPad is broken, lost or stolen, how do they continue to do their schoolwork?

Your child will receive a 'loaner' iPad and can use it until the original is found or repaired.

What is the insurance coverage of a lost or stolen iPad?

Updated August 2015

Insurance premium for coverage for iPads is included in your technology fee. This insurance gives significant discount to deductibles per damage incident on the iPad.
• The insurance is by device and covers drops or falls, electrical surges, and part damage.
• The cost of the deductible is by incident (1st damage, 2nd damage, etc.)
• If the iPad is lost, stolen or completely damaged as a result of irresponsible behavior, the family will be responsible for the replacement cost.
• Seniors must pay all fees and return the iPad to get reset before participating in commencement exercises.

Read further details in the student handbook

What can I as a parent do to facilitate enforcing technology policies?

Parents can:

  • Help BCHS protect the school’s computer system/iPad services by contacting an administrator about any security problems that are encountered.
  • Monitor activity on your student’s account. This could include checking their email/google drive account.
  • Remind students to always turn off and secure their iPad after they are done working to protect their work and information. Remind them to never share passwords.
  • Remind students to always make sure their iPad is locked in their locker when not in their possession.
  • If a student should receive e-mail containing inappropriate or abusive language or if the subject matter is questionable, have him/her print a copy and turn it in to any BCHS faculty member.

Taken from the Technology Responsible Use Policy

How do I block/delete Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are in the default iPad 'Settings'. BCHS has blocked access to Twitter and Facebook while the iPad is in the school network.

You will need to monitor these application when outside of the school network.

Twitter and Facebook are blocked at school, but NOT BLOCKED outside our network.

Who do I contact with questions about receiving Bishop Chatard's parent email blasts?

All email ‘blasts’ to parents, (for example, the weekly update),  go through a system managed by Meredith Fredrickson, Communications Manager.

Contact her, at, with any problems related to receiving the weekly updates or other important email ‘blasts’ to all parents. She can also add additional email addresses to these blasts, if desired.

To change on email address:

If you need to change the email address you’ve designated as your official email for Powerschool and the school’s main files, this can be changed in your profile in PowerSchool.
View directions on this page (towards the bottom)